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This is how Production Alert!!! is Organized

    Section One – Projects Beginning Pre-Production

      (Projects that have opened a production office during the current week)
      Ideal for the company or person who is hired after the production office opens.
      Includes approximately 6 – 18 listings per week
      No listing appears in this section more than once
      Contacting each of these listings every week will, within 3 months, bring you or your company to the attention of all of the projects currently being done. With the information Production Alert supplies, you will need less than an hour a week to accomplish this. A fantastic tool for the working professional. The demands on your time are so little, you can even look for your next job before you have ended your current project.

    Section Two – Projects in Preparation - A Preview of Coming Attractions (Projects expected to begin principal photography within 6 - 9 months)

      Ideal for the company or person who is hired before a production office opens.
      On average there will be a dozen or so listings each week. After a project is listed in this section, Production Alert tracks it for you and will let you know if it has been pushed or when has a production office or additional personnel.

    Section Three – Projects in Pre-Production & Section Four – Projects in Production

      Sections Three and four are summaries of projects previously listed in Section One

    Production Alert continues to track and update personnel information on all productions through pre-production and principal photography until they wrap. Over time these sections will become a list of the contacts you have made. 

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